The Pickardt Group

The Pickardt Group is an international group of companies.
As a quality-conscious manufacturer of steel stamps and marking tools of all kinds we combine tradition and innovation in a harmonious way.
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Pickardt Marking Tools
Since 1961 considered for lasting impressions

No question, product marking is becoming more and more important in times of advancing globalization. For example to ensure traceability of products through product liability.
When H. W. Pickardt founded his company more or less as a one-man garage company in 1961, he certainly did not have these global flows of goods in mind. Certainly he was committed to ancient traditions in the manufacture of steel punches and marking tools. This is not surprising – after all, about 500 years ago, the Plattner (manufacturer of knight armor) used hand stamps to memorize their makers mark in the armor.
Much has happened in the meantime. In 1999 Mr. Meister took over the company from the founder and relocated the company in 2000 to its current premises in Remscheid. Another important step was taken in 2004 with the restructuring from a pure contract manufacturer to a systems supplier with specially developed products which will also be further developed. In 2015 another traditional company was added to the group of companies – C.W. Stolte GmbH & Co. KG
( founded 1880 ! ). This company is an international tool wholesaler and completes the group in an excellent way.
Consistently focusing on flexibility and customer satisfaction has paid off: in the meantime 40 highly trained employees are working at two locations in Germany. A spatial enlargement is currently taking place (plus approx. 1200 m² floor space).
We can produce almost any product in the marking sector – from simple hand stamps to fully automatic rotary indexing machines. Our special strength is our ability to offer customized solutions in addition to our standard products thanks to our own design department.
It goes without saying that we keep our machinery up to date with such ambitions. Incidentally we have been using CNC and CAD technology for more than 25 years!

Mr. Meister always had the dream to start a company in the USA.
It fills us with pride and joy to be able to offer our tools here as well.

It is our goal and our mission to optimize your product labeling in terms of quality and cost!

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